WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw with Extension Handle

WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Extension Handle
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WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw with Extension Handle

by Worx

  • Bar measures 6 inches; 4-inch maximum cutting length; weighs 11.7 pounds
  • This model(WG308 ) consists of a jawsaw (model#WG307) and an extension pole (model#WA0163) .
  • Electric pruner/chainsaw with extension handle for cutting extra-tall branches
  • 5 amp saw is powered entirely by electricity, with no gas, oil, or noxious emissions.Enclosed jaw guard around chain keeps cuts focused and fingers safe.
  • Cuts limbs up to 12 feet high; easy-to-use single-bolt Auto-Tension system
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The WORX JawSaw electric limbing and trimming chainsaw is the perfect tool for storm debris or tough pruning jobs. The JawSaw takes the hassle out of using an ordinary chain saw, while making heavy-duty limb and brush clean-up safe, quick and easy. With the included Extend pole, the JawSaw is two tools in one! Forget the ladder -- the extension pole attachment, extends the JawSaws reach up to 12-feet, making it perfect for pruning and cutting hard-to-reach limbs. The extension pole requires no tools to attach and can be removed in seconds. The WORX JawSaw is powered by electricity, so it produces no noxious emissions. Different from gas-powered chain saws, our electric JawSaw doesnt require you to mix oil and gas or deal with difficult start-ups. It also . It also features an automatic oiler that provides constant lubrication to both the bar and chain.
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It Worx, but it's not easy to use., September 27, 2011
Road Warrior
I bought the JawSaw after I saw the infomercial because I had some trees at our restaurant and in our yard that I wanted to trim. I already have a chain saw, but I was attracted to the extension pole as a means of reaching branches that I couldn't reach with my current chain saw. I figured the $149 purchase price was a reasonable investment because it was less than the tree trimmer would charge me.
The JawSaw seems to be well-constructed and is able to cut through branches that are up to 4 inches thick. Unlike a standard chain saw which has an exposed blade, the JawSaw protects the user from potential harm by recessing the saw inside the jaws. The cutting ability is limited to a 4-inch cut because of the fixed size of the jaw opening. I also used the JawSaw to cut through tree roots that were exposed at ground level. However, the JawSaw is surprisingly heavy, despite the fact that it is electric and has no gas tank. This is especially true if the extension pole is used. I.

Five stars for the saw itself, three for the extension handle., November 21, 2011
R. Stoer (Northern NJ United States)
I purchased the JawSaw to use in combination with my gas chain saw to prune several trees damaged by a recent storm. Some of the branches were 20' off the ground and I won't climb a tree with a conventional chain saw. Since none of the high branches were over four inches in diameter, it looked like the JawSaw, powered by my generator, might be what I needed to get the job done. Here's what I found...

For those concerned this is some sort of toy, it's not. It will readily cut through any branch that fits in its jaws and it seems built well enough to serve the homeowner for years.

It's extremely safe compared to any other chain saw, or even a hedge trimmer. Almost anyone could operate it and still have all their body parts afterward.

Using the saw without the extension is just about as easy as it looks on TV (which is to say "very easy"). Also, as shown on the infomercial, the jaws work well at preventing the blade from touching the dirt.

Stephen Mc, November 10, 2011
Stephen Mcconnel "Stephen McConnel" (CA Wine Country)
The JAWSAW absolutely works as advertised. Those who are complaining about it taking too much pressure on the handle need to go back and reread the instruction book. It tells you, "WARNING: DO NOT force the cut. Let the chain pull through the wood." Sure you have push some, but not so much as to force the cut. I was cutting dead limbs from an apricot tree, and believe me, that wood was hard as a rock. The JAWSAW handled it just fine.

There are some amusing discrepancies between the infomercial and the instructions, such as; "Use both hands to grip saw firmly" and "Never cut two branches at once". The infomercial shows them using the JAWSAW like a one handed toilet plunger cutting multiple branches at a time. Maybe they just mean not to cut more than one 'overhead' branch at a time. Anyone with an ounce of common sense will quickly figure out what you can and can't do. As others have stated, it can't get into tight places, but when it comes to what this saw does do, it does.

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